Symphony of the Cells™ was created as a method of helping people understand that the body needs to be balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each hands-on Symphony of the Cells™ training will help aid in the understanding of the natural progression of illness. You will also learn about the different systems of the body, how they relate, the power of essential oils, and other natural nutrients and modalities that will help guide you in your wellness journey.


Approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Symphony of the Cells™ outlines a hands-on massage/application technique for essential oils. The application of these 12 protocols is simple and effective. The booklet is designed as an aid and is included when you attend a Symphony of the Cells™ Training. For more information on this booklet, visit our Resources Page.


With a goal of helping 10 million people, Boyd Truman invites you to join in as he takes participants through a 7 hour Symphony of the Cells™ Training. Deepen your understanding of Essential Oils and improve your massage therapy skills!